Swedish Aspen
Tall and narrow columnar poplar. One of the most popular ornamental trees on the market.
Swedish Aspen
Swedish Aspen
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Botanical (latin) name: Populus tremulus erecta
Zone 2a
Height 40ft (12m) Spread 6ft (2m)
Summer leaf color - green Fall leaf colour - Reddish yellow
Fruit - none all male clones Bark - Grey rough
Blossums - none Fragrance - None
Habit - Upright narrow Placement - full sun, moist well drained soils
Why would you want this tree? Perfect for tight spaces

Narrow columnar growth habit, reddish yellow fall leaf colour, Suited for small yards, as a screen, specimen or vertical accent. The medium green leaves turn a bright red/yellow in the fall Can be planted next to a house as its root are smaller and shallow and do not present as much danger to the water supply of septic system as do the other poplars

Swedish Aspen does not produce suckers or basal shoots.

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