Wayfaring Tree
Crinkled fuzzy gray-green leaves with black fruit and spectacular fall crimson. Grows to 12 feet high and 10 feet wide.
The Bush
The Bush
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Botanical (latin) name: Viburnum Lantana
Zone 2

Although the common name refers it as a tree, the Wayfaring tree is actually just a large shrub. Native to Europe, this plant has an extremely large range extending all the way from the British Isles in the north to the African continent in the south.

The Wayfaring Tree is prized for its large clusters of creamy white flowers in the spring, it dark crinkled leaves in the summer and brilliant orange-red colour in the fall; this shrub really has it all.

The Wayfaring Tree likes moist well drained sandy loam but will tolerate a wide range of soil types and conditions. It does equally well either in the full sun or partial shade.

While the tree is self-pollinating and can produce fruit without another tree in the vicinity, if fruit production is the goal, then planting several others in close proximity will more than double the fruit produced on each tree.

Although the berries are considered edible and tasty some people experience an upset tummy or diarrhea when consuming this fruit right off the tree.

Wayfaring Tree
Wayfaring Tree

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