Junebearing - Kent
Harvest - Mid July. The mainstay of Mr. V's U-pick strawberry patch.
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Botanical (latin) name: Fragaria
Zone 2

The June bearing strawberries are so named because they bear fuit in June in eastern Canada. In north central Alberta, the starwberries do not usually start producing until after after the first week in July.

Although these strawberry plants are perennial, they do not usually produce much of a crop in the planting year and are poor choices for planting in barrels or hanging baskets. The second years crop will have high production with the best crop in terms of size of berries and number of strawberries coming in the third year with the hrvest declining continually thereafter. Most commercial growers plow up the bed after the fifth year.

In high snowfall areas, the strawberry plants do not require any special winter protection as the thick layer of snow will insulate the roots against extreme temperatures, however most comercial producers add 6 inches of clean straw over the rows as insurance against fluctuating temperatures that alternately melt the snow and then become cold again.

Plant teh strawberries in rich soil with exposure to full sun. Sow the plants 1 foot apart within the rows, 5-6 feet apart between the rows.

Strawberries are shallow rooted and perform very poorly when the soil is allowed to dry out.

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