Poplar - Assiniboine
Fast growing up to 5 feet per year. Instant shelterbelt. Grows 50-60 ft.
Poplar (Assiniboine)
Poplar (Assiniboine)
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Botanical (latin) name: Populus 'Assiniboine'
Zone 2
Height 60ft (18m) Spread 20ft (6m)
Summer leaf color - green Fall leaf colour - yellow
Fruit - none all male clones Bark - Grey rough
Blossums - none Fragrance - None
Habit - Upright pyramidal Placement - full sun, moist well drained soils
Why would you want this tree? Excellent shelterbelt tree

When the conditions are right, the Assinibione Poplar is the one of the fastest growing trees on the lot. The right conditions include moist well drained silty loam soil and full sunlight. Trees planted on dry windy hilltops will do poorly unless there is a lot of rain or a drip irrigation system is in place. This tree can be veiwed in Mr. V's shelterbelt demostration. Once established, a shelterbelt with one row of these trees is second to none.

The tree is noted for its strong horizontal branching. It has a very attractive pyramidal form, with dark green leaves in the summer and bright yellow leaves in the fall. All the trees are male and therefore no fluff!

Fall Assiniboine
Fall Assiniboine

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