Massive Boulders
These rocks are really huge - up to 12 feet long. For really distinctive landscapes. Build your own Stonehenge.
Check this huge boulder out
Check this huge boulder out
Check the price & place an order! Check available size & price of product and place an order!

These buff sandstones come from the Belly River formation that were formed on an Upper Cretacious beach around 70 million years ago. Petrified wood and clam fossils can be found in some of the rock and although the formation is the right age to have dinosaur bones, none have been obsrved in this locality. A fossiliferous Belly river boulder similar to the ones we excavate is on display at the Athabasca University.

We actually mine these bad boys in Mr. V's own Quarry, so the selection is not only good, it is never ending.

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