Wood chips
Wood chips are ideal for livestock bedding or for use as a mulch around newly planted trees
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Woodchips provide a even dry dust free surface for bedding livestock. Its absorbent properties make it ideal for spreading in livestock trailers and confinement pens.
Woodchips used as a mulch around the base of trees shrubs and perennial beds conserves moisture and helps control weed growth in the summer and provides thermal insulation for the roots in the winter. As the woodchip mulch breaks down over the years, it also will provide some nutrition to the plant.
Price is on a per cubic foot basis picked up in the Mr. V's yard. Delivery is available for an additional charge based on milage.
We accept debit, visa and mastercard and cash for payment of wood chips.

Price last updated on Jul 04, 2017 Listing of Feed_and_Bedding

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