The Wealthy Farmer - The Complete Guide to Investing In Agricultural Land
The "How To" on avoiding "Death and Taxes"
The Wealthy Farmer
The Wealthy Farmer
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Are you getting a little tired of savings accounts with interest rates that are less than the rate of inflation? Does the roller coaster of the stock market make you want to puke every time that it plunges? Would you like to get a little personal enjoyment out of your investments? If you have answered “Yes” to any of these questions, then “The Wealthy Farmer – The Complete Guide to Investing in Agricultural Land” may be just what the doctor ordered!

While most people aren’t aware that rural dirt has been one of the top investments for the last 13 years, there will be some folks that will be absolutely amazed that annual returns of 10% +, are possible without ever having to get your hands dirty. But wait there’s more!

When it comes to equity growth or dividends, not only does farmland blow tradition investments out of the water in terms of annual return, but it gives the investor an additional bonus that he or she can enjoy every single day – “Dividends Squared”

Dividends squared is the personal enjoyment of the asset, whether it’s creating your own personal playground described in “Building a Lake By the Cabin”, crafting your own provincial park as outlined in “Woodlot Management” or Building an Energy Efficient House for Less”.

In fact the book “The Wealthy Farmer – The Complete Guide to Investing in Agricultural Land” is so unique, it is the only investment book in the world that contains a chapter on “Death and Taxes and How to Avoid Both”

So read and enjoy, your heart, soul and bank account will thank you for it.

Testimonies for “The Wealthy Farmer”

“I read the whole book and loved it!” Paul Einarrson COO Geophysical Service Incorporated.

"This book is a must read for anyone interested in financial success and personal freedom!" Alexander Gainer, M.A, Economist

"An absolute must read reference for the first time farmland buyer and a perfect all-encompassing review for the long time farmer. Every single person will learn something from this book" Trevor Yurchak, Broker, Royal LePage County Realty
"Its a breezy informative read that illuminates the soaring value of farmland and the multitude of tax breaks available to farmers" Gary Lamphier Business Columnist - The Edmonton Journal

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