MRVS-02 The "Howitzer Junior" 3 wicks 6" diameter 3"high
A shorter version of the Howitzer, the wide stable base and 3 wicks makes this an ideal emergency candle for carrying in the car or the motorhome
MRVS-02The "Howitzer Junior" 3 wicks 6" diameter 3" high
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This shorter version of the howitzer is ideal as an emergency travel candle. The 3 wicks generate copious amounts of heat and light while the wide base makes it extremely difficult to knock over in tight situations while the lower profile and reduced weight make it convenient to store and carry in a motor vehicle.
Carrying beeswax candles in your vehicle as an emergency heat and light source has other advantages, the candles give off a subtle sweet honey aroma even when the candles are not burning, something that the cardboard christmas tree hanging from your review mirror could never do.

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