MRVS-14, 15 & 16 Columnar Candles
These columnar candles come in three sizes - Small 3.5" high X 1.5" in diameter , Medium 5.5" X 2" and Large 6.5" X 2.5" or order the three candle pack for 15% of the individual price.
MRVS 13-14-15 Columnar Candles
MRVS 13-14-15 Columnar Candles
Check the price & place an order! Check available size & price of product and place an order!

Columnar beeswax candles have the elegance of simplicity, and the burning power of beeswax. With three sizes to choose from, there is a candle for every situation. Order a candle of each size in our three-pack and we will give you 15% off.

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