The Emperor's New Climate - Debunking the Myth's of Global Warming
Finally the book that you have been waiting for the proves once an for all that humans have very little to do climate change. The book uses geological priciples, the rock record and just some plain old common sense to illustrate in no uncertain terms that climate change has happened before, it is happening now, and it will happen in the future with or without the presence of Homo sapians.
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According to the global warming alarmists, human caused climate change is causing everything from earthquakes to extinctions, including more violent weather, more droughts, more flooding, and more disease.

Unfortunately whenever a single entity is allowed to become the sole cause of destruction so many disparate areas, it ceases to be a science and instead emerges as a religion. Moreover, the belief that humans can control the climate (and all its associated negative effects) by regulating the amount of human induced carbon dioxide, in effect elevates mortals to the position of God.

Like Nicolaus Copernicus' "On the Revolutions of the Celestial Spheres" in the 16th century and Charles Darwin's "Origin of Species" in the 19th century, "The Emperor's New Climate" uses the earth's own history and scientific logic to completely dispell the myth's perpetrated by the mankind's "Religion Du Jour"

While other climatologists are arguing about the deck chairs on the "Global Warming Titanic" Bruno is is the first scientist to point out the gaping holes in the hull that will eventually sink the ship.

The Emperor's New Climate (ENC) explores the evolution of the Earth's crust, oceans, atmosphere, cryosphere and biosphere for the last 4.5 billon years that show beyond a shadow of a doubt that all kinds of changes have been occuring on the planet with or without human intervention.

The ENC also exposes the myriad of flaws contained in the Kyoto accord that make this agreement have little value than a mechanism for starting the family barbecue.

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