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Edible nuts, dark green foliage, grows to 50 feet
Butternut Tree
Butternut Tree
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Botanical (latin) name: Juglans cinera
Zone 3

The butternut is native to eastern Canada in the Deciduous, the Great Lakes, St. Lawrence and the Acadia forest regions. It grows on a wide variety of soils but makes its best growth in sunny sites on moist well drained, fertile soils in shallow valleys and gradual slopes in a sheltered location. The root system is deep an wide spreading making them extremely wind firm, but they do not fare well as a shelter belt tree because of a tendency to dry out in the winter winds.

The Butternut looks like a smaller version of cousin the Black Walnut and is grown primarily as a shade tree although the crown can be quite irregular in out line. The Butternut often has a forked or crooked trunk suitable for climbing. The nuts are sweet to the taste and contain a large amount of oil which makes especially prized by squirrels.

The butternut roots secrete a chemical called "juglone" which acts as a natural herbicide to other plants.


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