Hazelnut - Beaked
The Squirrels go nuts when you plant this shrub!
The Tree In The Fall
The Tree In The Fall
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Botanical (latin) name: Corylus americana
Zone 2

Hazel nuts are native to many parts of Alberta, growing wild on dry south facing hillsides these shrubs love full sun and a well drained loamy soil.

Although these shrubs are prolific producers of nuts, it is often a race with the squirrels to see who gets the lions share. The hazel nuts spread by basal shoots and often form dense thickets that seem bent on world domination. The hazel nuts can be kept under control either by planting them in a restricted raised garden bed or by heavy pruning in the early spring.

The hazel nuts can be made into an edible hedge, especially if combined with a flowering climbing vine such as the scarlet trumpet honeysuckle.

Hazelnut Tree
Hazelnut Tree

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