Bur Oak
Long lived, huge leaves, polution tolerant, grows to 70 feet
Big Tree
Big Tree
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Botanical (latin) name: Quercus macrocarpa
Zone 2
Height 60ft (18m)
Spread 30ft (9m)
Summer leaf color Green
Fall leaf color Brown
Fruit 2 cm (1in) acorns Bark - Grey/Brown deep verticle furrows
Placement Full sun tolerates both dry and moist soils
Why would you want this tree? Cool leaves, attracts squirrels, multigenerational heritage

Bur Oaks are one of the longest living trees that is hardy to the northern climates and will last generations with little or no maintenance.

The Bur Oak is the most wide-ranging oaks native to Canada, growing all the way from Saskatchewan to New Brunswick. Although it tolerates a wide variety of soil and climate types, it grows best in deep soils in rich bottom lands. Although the crown is rounded, it is often irregular in shape even when grown in open conditions. The roots system consists of a deep tap root an a number of deep wide spreading lateral roots which help make the Bur Oak not only drought resistant but also one of the most wind firm.
Native to Manitoba, the Bur oak is a large deciduous tree growing up to 80ft (24m)in height, with a branch spread of up to 60ft (18m). It is one of the slowest-growing oaks, with a growth rate of 30 cm (1 ft) per year when young. A 20-year-old tree will be about 6 m (20 ft) tall. The bark is a medium gray and somewhat rugged. The leaves are 715 cm (36 in) long and 513 cm (25 in) broad, variable in shape, with a lobed margin. Most often, the basal 60% is narrower and deeply lobed, while the apical 40% is wider and has shallow lobes or large teeth. The flowers are greenish-yellow catkins, produced in the spring. The acorns are very large, 25 cm (0.82 in) long and 24 cm (0.8-1.5 in) broad, having a large cup that wraps much of the way around the nut, with large overlapping scales and often a fringe at the edge of the cup.
The Bur Oak has an extremely large tap root that makes this tree especially wind firm, drought tolerant and fire resistant.
Fascinating Foliage Facts
The Bur oak is definitely a multi-generational tree commonly living to be 200 to 300 years old and is one of the most massive oaks with a trunk diameter of up to 3 m (10 ft)

Fall Colors
Fall Colors

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