Pine - Ponderosa
A beautiful tree with ascending branches and very long bright green needles
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Botanical (latin) name: Pinus ponderosa
Zone 3a
Height 60 ft (18m) Spread 20ft (6m)
Summer leaf colour-bright green Fall leaf colour - evergreen
Cones - conical 10-15 cm (4-6in) Bark - Juvenile-blackish, mature-orange/red
Blossums - none Frgrance - pine, Bark - vanilla like
Habite - Upright oval Placement - Full sun - dry, windy locations
Why would yo want this tree? Excellent shelterbelt for hot, dry, windy

The Ponderosa Pine is a large crowned tree with ascending branches that droop as the tree matures. The needles are very long (10-20cm) give give the tree a sensual shimmering look when the wind is blowing. The large cones are readily identifiable as the "Christmas wreath cones"

The ponderosa pine has a long, deep root system that enables it to access deep underground moisture. The long root system makes the tree extremely wind firm. This is for sure a multi generational or heritage tree as it is common for some individuals to live 400-500 years or more.

This is also and excellent tree for the prairies, because the thick bark makes this tree extremely resistant to grass fires.

Facinating Forest Facts:

Native to the British Columbia interior, the aboriginal people ate both the seeds and inner bark. They used the wood for making dugout canoes, the pitch for water proofing moccasins and when mixed with bear grease, an ointment for injuries.

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