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This tree can grow up to six feet a year!
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Botanical (latin) name: populus x okanese
Zone 2a
Height 65ft (20m) Spread 30ft (9m)
Summer leaf color - green Fall leaf colour - yellow
Fruit - none all male clones Bark - Grey rough
Blossums - none Fragrance - None
Habit - Upright oval Placement - full sun, moist
Why would you want this tree? Fastest growing shelterbelt tree we sell

The Okanese Hybrid Poplar was selected by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada in 1986, released to the public in 2007 and is widely regarded as the hardiest poplar to be developed in the federal tree improvement program to date.

Extensive evaluations have revealed that the Okanese is tolerant to a wide range of environmental questions including drought, cold temperature and a whole whack of diseases and insects.

The Okanese can grow up to two metres (6 feet) per year under ideal conditions and grow to an ultimate height of 18-20 metres (60-70 feet)within twenty years with an expected lifespan of sixty years.

All the trees are male, so there is never any poplar fluff.

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