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The JP Connel is a popular Explorer's Series rose that features delicate, intensely fragrant double creamy yellow flowers that fade to ivory as the summer progresses. Makes a beautiful garden color accent.
J.P. Connell Blossum
J.P. Connell Blossum
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Botanical (latin) name: rosa x 'JP Connell'
Zone 2
Height 4ft (1.5m) Spread 4ft (1.5m)
summer leaf colour - dark green Fall leaf colour - yellow
Fruit - not significant bark - brown thorny
Blossom colour - creamy yellow Fragrance - exquisit perfume
Habit - upright spreading Placement - full sun, moist well drained soils
Why would you want this shrub? Early blooming fragrance, colour variation

The J.P. Connell Rose is covered in stunning fragrant lemon yellow flowers with creamy white overtones from late spring to late summer emerging from distinctive gold flower buds. The flowers are excellent for cutting. It has dark green foliage throughout the season that turns yellow in fall. Neither the fruit or the brown thorny bark is ornamentally significant.

This is a moderate maintenance rose that will require regular care and upkeep. Removing the spent roses (dead-heading) before they form rose hips will ensure continued reblooming throughout the summer. Shaping the bush is best accomplished in late winter once the threat of extreme cold has passed.

The J.P.Connell Rose will grow to be about 3 feet tall at maturity, with a spread of 3 feet. Its foliage tends to remain dense right to the ground, not requiring facer plants in front. It grows at a fast rate, and under ideal conditions can be expected to live for approximately 20 years.

This rose should only be grown in full sunlight. It does best in average to evenly moist conditions, but will not tolerate standing water. Placing the J.P.Connell rose in front of a dark back row such as Preston Lilac, Diablo Nine Bark or Cotoneaster will provide the contrast to bring out the Morden Blush's flowers, fall colour an rose hips.

Fascinating Foliage Facts

Although the J.P. Connell Rose is one of 22 varieties of roses included in the Canadian Explorer Series, It is the only rose in the group that is not named after a Canadian explorer. He in fact was federal civil servant. Here is his fascinating story that was emailed to me by his grand daughter daughter Emily Canie.

Mr. Connell lived a full and distinguished life. Born and educated in Nova Scotia schools and at Acadia University, he began his working life with the Royal Bank of Canada as a teller. He left the bank and with Ily, his Whycocomagh bride, moved to Ontario to begin married life and pursue a career in personnel administration, working progressively for private industry companies including Lucas Rotax, Frigidaire, Union Carbide, Lake Ontario Portland Cement and Allied Chemical. Those early years saw Peter and Ily (and a steadily increasing number of children) living in Toronto, Belleville, Montreal, Picton and Montreal again. In 1966, Mr. Connell moved his family to Ottawa, where he joined the federal public service as Director of Personnel for Transport Canada. He was instrumental in the establishment of the Transport Canada Training Institute in Cornwall, Ontario, still operational today. In 1970, Mr. Connell was appointed Deputy Secretary (Personnel Policy) at the Treasury Board working under then Treasury Board President, the Honourable Jean Chretien. Mr. Connell was appointed Deputy Minister, National Revenue (Customs and Excise) in 1974 and served in that role for 7 years during which time he directed the development of the Canada Customs College at Rigaud, Quebec. To his great pleasure, the college was officially opened as the J.P. Connell Campus in spring of 1980. While Deputy Minister at Customs and Excise, Mr. Connell was elected Vice-President and then President, of the International Customs Cooperation Council based in Brussels, Belgium. In 1982, Mr. Connell was appointed Deputy Minister of Agriculture where he remained until his retirement from the federal public service in 1986. While at Agriculture Canada, he led delegations to countries throughout the world including the former Soviet Union, China, New Zealand, Australia, Venezuela, and Mexico. In 1983, Mr. Connell had the privilege to welcome Mikhail Gorbachev to the Central Experimental Farm during Mr. Gorbachev's first visit to Canada.

Mr. Connell was a proud and true public servant, respectfully honoured at his official retirement when presented with a Canadian flag and flag pole, and a rose bearing his name, the J.P. Connell rose.

The characteristics of the rose were described to be much like his "ůmostly without thorns, capable of surviving the sometimes (politically) cold Ottawa winters, producing beautiful lemony flowers for all to enjoy."

James Peter Connell passed away October 1, 2012.

Mature Tree in Bloom
Mature Tree in Bloom

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Gift Shop, Coffee House and Centennial Rose Garden

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