Tour Mr. V's Energy Efficient House
This tour includes a 3 hour primer on the principles of energy efficiency.
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Mr. V's Energy efficient house was completed in 2000 at the amazing cost of less than $35 per square foot and since then has use an average of less than $250 of natural gas per year!! This house actually uses less natural gas than smaller houses just outside San Francisco California more than 2500 km south. Unlike other many other buildings, the designs that have been incorporated into this home actually reduce the capital costs of constructing this home.

The tour of this home includes a 3 hour power point presentation explaining the principles of energy efficiency and then showing where on the house these features have been added.

The equivalent seminar is given at the Devonian Botanical Gardens as part of the 2007 course program, showing more pictures but no tour.

This tour requires a minimum 10 participants.

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