Spruce - Colorado Blue
Needles are a very attractive bluish color. Popular landscaping tree. Grows 50-65 ft.
Spruce - Cororado Blue
Spruce - Cororado Blue
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Botanical (latin) name: Picea pungens 'Glauca"
Zone 2b
Height 50ft (15m) Spread 20ft (6m)
Summer leaf color - Blue/green Fall needle colour - evergreen
Cones- conical 5-10cm (2-4in) Bark - dark grey/brown scaly
Blossums - none Fragrance - spruce
Habit - Upright pyramidal Placement - full sun/partial shade no standing water
Why would you want this tree? Feature tree for large yards,acreages, farms

True to its name, the Colorado Blue Spruce is actually the state tree of Colorado having been found creeks and streams throughout the mountain areas.

Prized as an ornamental tree the actual needle colour of the blue spruce ranges from a powder blue to a dark green blue.

The young trees tend to be conical while the mature trees are more cylindrical with a taper top. In fun sun conditions they generally only grow 1-2 feet per year but will grow much faster in partial shade which is why they should always be planted in the north or east rows in a shelter belt.

Younger Colorado Blue Spruce look great in small yards but they will become monsters that will take over New York City in no time flat!

Like all conifers, they should only be planted on the north side of a building where they will not shade the winter sun from hitting the house.

Colorado Blue Spruce
Colorado Blue Spruce

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