Drip Irrigation
This is the watering system your trees and shrubs have been asking for.
Check the price & place an order! Check available size & price of product and place an order!

Mr. V's waters over 20,000 plants trees and shrubs twice a day with a garden hose while everyone is asleep with a drip irrigation system.

Never carry buckets of water or drag the garden hose to your beloved plants ever again. The bug emmitters combined with modular controller will give your trees and shrubs the exact amount of water that they need without wasting water to evaporation or runoff and without wasting time.

In less time than it takes you to water your garden once, you can install a complete irrigation for that will automatically water your trees and shrubs by itself for the next ten years.

Each tree needs a single Pressure Compensating Emitter and about 4 feet of 1/4 inch distribution tubing plus whatever length of 3/4 inch mainline is ncessary to go from tree to tree.

For a complete demostration of Mr. V's irrigation system, visit our garden display area during business hours.

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