Rose - Hedge
These are very hardy low maintenance shrubs that have fragrant pink flowers that turn into edible orange fruit high in vitamin C. Fall foliage turns a burnt orange. Perfect as a hedge. Grows 6-8 ft.
Rose (Wild)
Rose (Wild)
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Botanical (latin) name: Ros acicularis
Zone 1

These are perfect hedge roses to keep unwanted kids, dogs and farm animals out of your yard. The hedge rose is easy to grow, virtually maintenance free, is extremely hardy, and forms a impenetrable dense thorned barrier against unwanted intruders. Hedge rose provides an abundance of fragrant pink flowers for the month of July with leaves that turn a spectacular orange-red in the fall and that exhibit makes an excellent fragrant privacy screen. The red bark and the red rose hips provide food for birds and color all winter long. Gums starting to bleed with the onset of scurvy? The rose hips are high in vitamin "C" and vitamin "E" and are excellent in make jams, jellies and syrups.

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