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Early season, medium sized red apple with green/yellow streaks.
Norland Apples
Norland Apples
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Botanical (latin) name: Malus 'Norland'
Zone 2

An early season red apple over washed with streaks of green and yellow. Considered by many to be the best early season apple. The fruit can be stored for up to 16 weeks if it is picked slightly under ripe. A heavy annual producer on a naturally dwarf tree. A nice fresh eating apple. Very hardy.

Like all high latitude hardy apple trees, the Norland Apple grows to about 20 feet tall, has white non fragrant blossoms that appear just as the leaves are breaking bud. The dark green leaves that turn orange in the fall.

The Norland is an early season apple that requires a different apple variety as a cross pollinator to produce fruit. Since it is a early season tree, it can only cross with a different variety of early or mid season apples. Taste this apple in Mr. V's demonstration orchard.

  • Size - 5-7cm.
  • Storage - approximately 8 weeks
  • Ripens - mid to late August.

Norland in Bloom
Norland in Bloom

Norland in the Fall
Norland in the Fall

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