Black Currant
Produces copious amounts of black fruit high in Vitamin C , Grows 3 feet high 3 feet wide.
Black Currant
Black Currant
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Botanical (latin) name: Ribes nigrum
Zone 2

One of the most popular flavours in Europe, the number of Black Currant plantations in North America is very small due to the United States ban on Black Currant propagation that ran from 1917 to 2003.
As an ornamental shrub it is very innocuous growing as a round shrub to a height generally less than 3 feet. The dark green, five lobed leaves alternate along the the stem. Small non-fragrant flowers with red-brown petals grow into large (1 cm)glossy skinned very dark purple berries that are very high in Vitamin C.
Black currants are not overly finicky about soil type and actually will thrive on heavier clay soils covered by a thin layer of organic matter to keep the soil cool. They will flourish in either full sun or partial shade but prefer the cool morning sun over the hot afternoon sun.

Their shallow fibrous roots make them ideal for drip irrigation that should be continued until the fruit is harvested.

Black Currants gained their popularity in Europe and especially in England during the Second World War when the German navel blockade prevented Vitamin C rich citrus fruits from arriving from the colonies. The British government encouraged the cultivation of Black Currents because they were easily grown in the United Kingdom and had extremely high levels of vitamin C. The government distributed the currants to citizens for free to prevent an outbreak of scurvy during the war.

Black Currant Branch
Black Currant Branch

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