Berries are suited for jelly or wine. Fall displays a brilliant burgandy. Grows to 4' X4'
Gooseberry Bush
Gooseberry Bush
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Botanical (latin) name: Ribes hirtellum
Zone 2

The gooseberry is an extremely hardy plant that is indigenous to Europe and Asia growing naturally in alpine thickets from eastern France to the Himalayas and has been found flourishing in Norway above the Arctic Circle. The gooseberry was probably brought to North America with the early settlers.

The Gooseberry is a gangling bush with thickly set branches that grow out singly or in diverging tufts that often hang to the ground when laden with fruit. The branches are set with sharp spines and therefore great care must be taken when pruning the bush or picking the fruit.

Although the Gooseberry can grow in a wide variety of soils it prefers rich well drained soils. It can tolerate partial shade in warmer areas of Alberta but generally produces best when exposed to the full sun. Fruit production can be enhanced by adding well rotted manure at the base of the shrub at the start of the growing season.

Gooseberry Berries
Gooseberry Berries

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