Red Currant
Extremely productive, sweet and red
Red Currant
Red Currant
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Botanical (latin) name: Ribes rubrum
Zone 2

The Red Currant is native to western Europe although smaller species can be found in the colder climates in North America.
This deciduous shrub normally never grows more than 3- 4 feet tall therefore making it an excellent border plant around yards and gardens. The five lobed leaves that are arranged spirally around the stems turn a pale yellow in the fall. The flowers are an inconspicuous green without fragrance that turn into translucent bright red berries in mid August.

The Red Currant is slightly more sour than its country cousin the black currant and therefore is mostly grown for processing into wines jellies and preserves than eaten raw straight from the field.

Herbalists consider the Red Currant to be effective in reducing fever, as a mild laxative, and a method of increasing diuretic and digestive processes. Some of these claims are probable due to the verifiable high levels of vitamin C, fruit acids and fibre the berries contain.

The Red Currant grows best in a rich well drained soil that is exposed to full sun.

Red Currant Blossoms
Red Currant Blossoms

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