The Sky Is Not Falling
Got a group that wants to hear the other side of the Global Warming Debate? Using scientific logic and a few laughs, Bruno dispels every misconception you ever had about climate change. After listening to this presentation, you will never again believe that human behaviour is the main cause of global warming.
Bruno Wiskel
Bruno Wiskel
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"The Sky Is Not Falling" is an eye opening expose' that uses logical scientific principles to disprove each and every myth that the world's Chicken Little's have used to scare you into thinking that we are going to cause a fiery death to the planet sometime soon.

Roughly following the same format as Bruno's blockbuster book "The Emperor's New Climate - Debunking the Myth's of Global Warming", Bruno Wiskel combines his talents as a professional geologist (Association of Professional Enigineers, Geologists and Geophysicists of Alberta - APEGGA) with his propensity as a professional speaker (Canadian Association of Professional Speakers - CAPS) to provide a presentation of orgasmic intensity.

Sometimes humerous, always entertaining, Bruno uses the magic of logical scientific thought to diligently and emphatically disprove the follow myth's.

1. That carbon dioxide is the most important greenhouse gas

2. That global warming started in 1750 as a result of human produced greenhouse gasses.

3. That humans are responsible for global warming

4. That global warming is the result from the increase of greenhouse gasses.

5. That global warming will cause more violent weather.

6. That global warming will cause mass extintions.

7. That the Kyoto accord was implemented to stop global warming

8. That the Kyoto accord will stop the global increase of carbon dioxide.

9. That signing the Kyoto accord was economically and politically good for Canada.

10. That the Canadian participation in Kyoto will help reduce global warming.

11. That Global warming is bad for Canada.

12. That scientists are in agreement of causes and effect of global warming.

13. That scientists and politicians are committed to reducing their own greenhouse gasses.

14. Using alternative energy is better than using fossil fuel.

15. Planting trees will stop the rise of greenhhouse gasses.

16.That global warming will cause a sea level rise that will flood Canada's coastlines.

Can't attend the seminar, then pick up a copy of Bruno's book "The Emperor's New Climate - Debunking the Myth's of Global Warming" Available on this website. On the left sidebar go back to the main menu. Click on "Gift Shop" and then on "Books By Bruno"

If you want to join a group that all about telling the truth about climate change, then contact "Friends of Science" at their website at

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