Bruno Wiskel, Bsc. P. Geol.

President, CEO and Chief Bottle Washer

Bruno (also called the big Kahuna) graduated from the University of Alberta in 1983 from the University of Alberta with Honours in Geology with a specialization in Environmental Geology.

A terminal unemployable, he purchased a half section of land by the hamlet of Colinton in 1988 using the severance money from yet another layoff, and started a farm called Mr. Vegetable, the precursor of Mr. V's Field and Forest.

His first book, "Pond Raising Rainbow Trout" was published in 1990 along with several critically acclaimed articles on water, soil and forest conservation.

His second book "Woodlot Management" was published in 1995 as part of a woodlot management initiative by Alberta Pacific Forest Industries Inc.(Alpac) Bruno was in charge of running Alpac's woodlot management program and also developed a demonstration woodlot that combined many of the latest techniques for water, soil and forest conservation including shelterbelt, orchard and forest harvest demonstrations.

Mr Vegetable formally changed to Mr. V's Field and Forest Inc. in September 1999. The name change accompanied the addition of the new Mr. V's Garden Centre and Giftshop Building, attached greenhouse and tree nursery.

Bruno's third book "Designing and Landscaping the Family Home" is based on the the construction of the the new Mr. V's building that holds the giftshop and executive offices of the corporation. This 5500 square foot building was built at a cost of less than $35 per finished square foot and uses less than $150 of natural gas per year.

Bruno's fourth book "The Emperor's New Climate - Debunking the Myth's Global Warming" provides a completely different view of climate change question.

Bruno's year is packed with Mr. V's activities ranging from teaching and landscape design in the spring, growing fruit, vegetable, and tree crops in the summer, reclamation projects in the fall and writing in the winter, most notably for his gardening column "Time To Get Growing".
Bruno is the tall guy with the dark glasses, funny hat and pink striped shirt in the top photo

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